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Apple Slices With Sunflower Seed Butter Recipe

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Apple Slices With Sunflower Butter recipe

Are you looking for a snack that is delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the process of creating a refreshing and satisfying snack: apple slices with sunflower seed butter. This snack pairs the natural sweetness and crunch of fresh apples with the creamy, nutty taste of sunflower seed butter, making for a delightful combination that’s not only yummy but also filled with beneficial nutrients.

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Apples are high in fiber and vitamin C, and they are also rich in antioxidants. Sunflower seed butter, on the other hand, is a great source of protein, vitamin E, and magnesium. This snack is not just good for your taste buds, but for your body as well. Whether you’re looking for a quick midday pick-me-up or a post-workout snack, apple slices with sunflower seed butter will surely hit the spot.

Serving Suggestions

Plus, this snack is very versatile. Feel free to use your favorite type of apple and choose either smooth or crunchy sunflower seed butter. You can also add some garnishes like a sprinkle of cinnamon or granola for extra flavor and texture. No matter how you decide to enjoy this snack, one thing is for certain: it’s a tasty way to keep hunger at bay.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive into the recipe.

Final Product

Serving Suggestions

  1. Enjoy Fresh: The apple slices with sunflower seed butter are best enjoyed immediately after preparation to prevent the apple slices from browning and the sunflower seed butter from drying out.
  2. Add Toppings: Consider adding a sprinkle of granola, raisins, or a drizzle of honey on top of the sunflower seed butter for added texture and flavor.
  3. Pair with a Drink: Pair these with a glass of almond milk or a cup of herbal tea for a satisfying snack.
  4. Serving Size: This snack is also perfect for children’s snack time or as a quick energy booster for adults. If you’re preparing this for a crowd, simply increase the number of apples and the amount of sunflower seed butter accordingly.

This snack is a versatile and customizable option that can easily accommodate personal preferences and dietary restrictions.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Preventing Browning: If you’re not planning to eat the apple slices immediately, toss them in a little lemon juice. This will help to prevent them from browning and maintain their fresh appearance for longer.
  2. Choosing Apples: Crisp and tart apples like Granny Smith or Honeycrisp hold up well for this recipe but feel free to use your favorite apple variety.
  3. Sunflower Seed Butter: If sunflower seed butter is not readily available, you can easily substitute it with other nut butters such as almond, peanut, or cashew butter.
  4. Health Benefits: This snack is not only delicious but also packed with healthy fats from the sunflower seed butter and fiber from the apples, which makes it a satisfying and nutritious choice.

Apple Slices With Sunflower Seed Butter Recipe Guide

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Serves: 2 Prep Time: Cooking Time: Nutrition facts: 210 calories 12g fat


  1. Apples - You'll need fresh apples for this recipe. The type of apple is up to you. Sweet apples like Honeycrisp or Gala work great, but if you prefer a bit of tartness, go for Granny Smith. Plan for one apple per serving.
  2. Sunflower Seed Butter - This can be found in most grocery stores, usually near the peanut butter. If you have a sunflower seed allergy, you can substitute with almond butter, peanut butter, or any other nut or seed butter you prefer.


  1. Cinnamon - This is optional, but a sprinkle of cinnamon can add a nice warmth and complexity to this snack.
  2. Granola - This is also optional. A sprinkle of your favorite granola can add a delightful crunch.
  3. Lemon Juice - If you're not going to be eating these right away, you might want to have a lemon on hand. A bit of lemon juice can prevent the apple slices from browning.


Preparation of Apple Slices:

  1. Rinse the Apples: Start by thoroughly washing the apples under cold water. Use a produce brush if you have one to remove any residual dirt.
  2. Core the Apples: Using an apple corer or a sharp knife, remove the core of the apple. Be careful not to cut yourself. If you're using a knife, you can slice the apple in half first to make this step easier.
  3. Slice the Apples: Cut the apple into thin, even slices. They should be thick enough to hold a spread of sunflower seed butter, but not so thick that they're difficult to bite into. If you're not planning to serve the apple slices right away, consider tossing them in a bit of lemon juice to prevent browning.

Applying Sunflower Seed Butter:

  1. Stir the Butter: Before applying, stir your sunflower seed butter to ensure any natural oils are well combined.
  2. Apply the Butter: Using a butter knife or spoon, spread a generous amount of sunflower seed butter onto one side of each apple slice. Aim for a thick enough layer that you can't see the apple skin beneath it, but not so thick that it overwhelms the apple.
  3. Plate the Slices: Arrange the apple slices on a serving plate, sunflower seed butter side up.

The combination of crunchy apple slices with creamy sunflower seed butter makes for a satisfying snack that is both easy to prepare and nutritious. The balance of natural sweetness from the apples with the rich, nutty flavor of the sunflower seed butter is a delightful treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Whether you’re in need of a quick snack or looking for a healthier treat option, these apple slices with sunflower seed butter are sure to hit the spot. Enjoy!

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