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Creamy Brazilian Lemonade with Cardi B's Whip Shots Lime Recipe

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Creamy Brazilian Lemonade recipe

The Brazilian lemonade, despite its name, isn’t your typical lemon-infused beverage. Hailing from the heart of Brazil, this drink has charmed its way to global fame, not only for its refreshing zest but also its creamy texture, which differentiates it from other lemonades. Traditionally made with limes, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and water, this drink offers a tantalizing blend of sweet and tart, perfect for hot summer days or festive gatherings.

Enter Cardi B, the global music sensation known for her unique takes on just about everything. Not one to leave a classic untouched, Cardi has introduced her Whip Shots Lime to the mix, giving the traditional Brazilian lemonade a contemporary and spirited spin. With her influence, what was already a beloved drink has gained a new edge, making it not only a thirst quencher but also a conversation starter. Join us as we delve into this modern twist on a classic favorite.



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Embark on this delightful journey of flavors with the following ingredients. Ensure you gather them all to achieve the perfect blend of Cardi B’s rendition of the classic Brazilian lemonade.

  • Water: Begin with 2 cups of cool, purified water. This acts as the base of our lemonade, ensuring it’s refreshing and hydrating.
  • Fresh Limes: You’ll need 2 fresh limes. While it’s called Brazilian lemonade, limes are the actual star of this beverage, lending their unique tanginess.
  • Lemon Zest: Just a pinch is enough. This ingredient is a nod to the drink’s name and adds an extra layer of citrus complexity without overpowering the primary lime flavor.
  • Ice Cubes: As per your preference. Whether you like your drink just cool or ice-cold, adjust the number of cubes accordingly.
  • Condensed Milk: 1 can of sweetened condensed milk is essential to achieve the signature creamy texture of Brazilian lemonade. This ingredient sets the drink apart from other lemonades by offering a velvety, sweet contrast to the tangy lime.
  • Cardi B’s Whip Shots Lime: The pièce de résistance! Add as per your taste and alcohol preference. This modern addition by Cardi B not only elevates the drink’s alcoholic content but also introduces a unique fruity pebble flavor that complements the lime beautifully.

Ensure each ingredient is of the best quality to create a beverage that’s both authentic and unique to Cardi B’s vision.

Whip Shots Lime bottle

Equipment Needed

Crafting the perfect Creamy Brazilian Lemonade with Cardi B’s Whip Shots Lime requires not just the right ingredients but also the right tools. Here’s a list of equipment that will make your blending and serving process seamless:

  • Blender: The cornerstone of this recipe. A good blender ensures that the limes, condensed milk, and other ingredients are perfectly combined, giving you a smooth and creamy beverage texture.
  • Strainer: Essential for filtering out any residual pulp or particles from the limes. This tool ensures that your lemonade has a consistent and clear liquid base before the addition of creamy ingredients.
  • Measuring Cups: Precision matters. Use measuring cups to ensure that you’re adding the right amount of each ingredient. This will help maintain the balance between sweet, creamy, and tangy flavors in the drink.
  • Jug or Pitcher: After blending and straining, you’ll need a large container to hold the mixture, especially if you’re preparing the drink for multiple servings. A jug or pitcher allows for easy pouring and mixing.
  • Serving Glasses: Presentation is key! Choose your favorite glasses to serve the lemonade. Whether you opt for tall glasses, mason jars, or sophisticated stemware, ensure they’re clean and ready to present your delicious concoction to your guests.

Having the right equipment on hand will not only streamline the process but also elevate the overall experience of crafting this unique beverage. So, gather these tools, and you’re all set to create a refreshing masterpiece.

Creamy Brazilian Lemonade with Cardi B's Whip Shots Lime Recipe Guide

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Serves: 4 Prep Time: Cooking Time: Nutrition facts: 290 calories 8g fat


  • Water: Begin with 2 cups of cool, purified water.
  • Fresh Limes: You'll need 2 fresh limes.
  • Lemon Zest: Just a pinch is enough.
  • Ice Cubes: As per your preference.
  • Condensed Milk: 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.
  • Cardi B's Whip Shots Lime.


  1. Preparing the Lime Mix:
    • Start by pouring 2 cups of water into your blender. This creates the base for the other ingredients to mix smoothly.
    • Cut and squeeze the juice from 2 fresh limes into the blender. Ensure you get as much juice as possible for that tangy kick.
    • Sprinkle in a hint of lemon zest. It's crucial to be subtle here; you want a whisper of lemon flavor without overshadowing the lime. Remember, less is more in this case.
    • Now, power up that blender and let the ingredients mingle for about 30 seconds. This ensures the flavors are well-integrated.
  2. Straining the Mix:
    • Place your strainer over a bowl or pitcher and pour the blended mix through it. This step is crucial for filtering out any pulp or particles, ensuring a silky-smooth drink.
    • After straining, pour the liquid back into the blender, readying it for the creamy transformation.
  3. Creating the Creamy Texture:
    • Drop in your preferred amount of ice cubes to the blender. This chills the drink and enhances its refreshing quality.
    • Time for the magic touch: Pour in the entire can of condensed milk. This ingredient is what gives our Brazilian lemonade its signature creamy texture and sweet balance.
    • Blend the mix again until it achieves a velvety consistency, ensuring that the condensed milk is thoroughly combined with the lime mix.
  4. Adding the Whip Shots Lime:
    • As you get ready to serve, pour the creamy lemonade into your chosen serving glasses, but don't fill them up entirely. Leave some room at the top.
    • It's now time for Cardi B's special touch: Carefully pour the desired amount of Whip Shots Lime into each glass. The amount depends on how strong and flavorful you want your drink.
    • With a stirrer or a straw, mix the drink in each glass to ensure the Whip Shots Lime is evenly distributed, creating a harmonious blend of creaminess, zest, and spirited punch.

Taste and Serve

After the meticulous blending and mixing, it’s time to relish the fruits of your labor and present your masterpiece to your guests.

  1. Serving the Lemonade:
    • Carefully pour the prepared creamy Brazilian lemonade into your chosen serving glasses. The velvety texture should flow smoothly, forming a visually pleasing layer in each glass.
  2. Taste Experience:
    • Before your first sip, take a moment to appreciate the harmonious blend of colors and the creamy consistency.
    • As the lemonade graces your palate, the initial sensation is that of the creamy, sweet base. However, it swiftly melds into a unique taste reminiscent of fruity pebbles – a nostalgic flavor that brings back memories of childhood cereals.
    • Just when you think you’ve unraveled all its flavors, the Whip Shots Lime makes its presence felt. The potent alcoholic kick cuts through, elevating the drink from a simple refreshment to a sophisticated adult beverage.

Serving Tip: Garnish each glass with a thin lime wheel or a sprig of mint for an extra touch of elegance. This not only adds visual appeal but also hints at the drink’s primary flavors.

Raise a toast to your creation and the unforgettable taste journey it promises. Whether you’re savoring it alone or sharing with friends, this Creamy Brazilian Lemonade with a Cardi B twist is bound to leave an impression. Cheers!

Tips and Variations

  1. Exploring Whip Shots Flavors:
    • While the Lime flavor undoubtedly gives the drink its unique punch, feel free to experiment with other flavors from Cardi B’s Whip Shots range. Each variant will introduce a different dimension to the drink. For instance, a berry flavor might add a fruity depth, while a vanilla variant could enhance the creaminess.
  2. Adjusting Sweetness and Creaminess:
    • For those with a sweeter tooth, consider adding a tablespoon of sugar or simple syrup to the blend.
    • If you prefer a lighter consistency, reduce the quantity of condensed milk or add more water. Conversely, for a richer, creamier texture, try adding a splash of heavy cream or increasing the amount of condensed milk.
  3. Serving Recommendations:
    • Garnish: Elevate the visual appeal and taste of your lemonade by garnishing with a fresh slice of lime, lemon zest, or a sprig of mint. Not only do these garnishes hint at the drink’s flavors, but they also add a burst of color.
    • Glassware: The drink can be served in tall glasses for a classic look, or in mason jars for a more rustic and casual feel. If serving at an upscale event, consider using sophisticated stemware.
    • Chill Factor: For an extra refreshing drink, consider chilling the serving glasses beforehand. This ensures the lemonade remains cold for a longer duration.

This Creamy Brazilian Lemonade, infused with Cardi B’s Whip Shots Lime, is more than just a drink—it’s an experience, a delightful blend of tradition and modern flair. We encourage all our readers to share their experiences, tweaks, and innovations. Did you try a new Whip Shots flavor? Adjust the creaminess? Or come up with a completely new twist? We’d love to hear about it!

Remember, while the foundation of this beverage is rooted in the classic Brazilian lemonade, it’s the Whip Shots Lime that sets it apart, giving it that contemporary edge. Every sip is a testament to the power of creativity and the joy of experimentation. So, here’s to many more refreshing moments and shared stories. Cheers!

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