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Caramel Apple Crisp Casserole Recipe

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Caramel Apple Crisp Casserole recipe

Apples often termed the ‘fruit of temptation’, have been a culinary favorite for centuries. They’ve graced pies, turnovers, and tarts, leaving an indelible mark on dessert lovers worldwide. Their natural sweetness, coupled with a hint of tartness, creates a flavor profile that is both complex and comforting. But beyond their taste, apples have this uncanny ability to adapt, allowing them to shine in both rustic and refined desserts.

When one thinks of casseroles, savory dishes might come to mind first. However, dessert casseroles are an unsung hero in the world of communal dining. Casseroles embody the spirit of sharing, making them ideal for family gatherings, potlucks, or any occasion that calls for collective indulgence. And when dessert is served casserole-style, it feels like the heart of the home is placed right at the center of the table, evoking warmth, togetherness, and sweet memories waiting to be made.

Fresh Apples

The Caramel Apple Crisp Casserole is not just about flavors; it’s a dance of textures. Imagine biting into soft, cinnamon-spiced apples, only to be met with the crunch of a golden oat crust. And just when you think the symphony is complete, the silkiness of warm caramel sauce and the creamy melt of vanilla ice cream join the ensemble. It’s a delightful contrast, ensuring that every bite is unique, yet harmoniously tied to the next.

Apple Varieties Best Suited for this Casserole:

  1. Honeycrisp Apples: Known for their sweet taste and firm texture. They hold up well during the baking process.
  2. Granny Smith Apples: A popular choice for their tartness which contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of the caramel.
  3. Braeburn Apples: Combines sweetness and tartness, with a firm texture that doesn’t become mushy upon baking.

Note: Using a mix of these varieties can create a more complex flavor profile.

Oat Crust Mixture



Serving Size and Presentation Tips:

  1. Serving Size: Ideally, this dessert is rich, so a portion of about 4×4 inches should suffice for one person.
  2. Presentation: Use a wide spatula or pie server to carefully lift portions from the casserole dish. Plate on a dessert plate with raised edges to accommodate any caramel sauce.
  3. Garnish: Drizzle some remaining caramel sauce on top and a sprig of fresh mint or a sprinkle of cinnamon for visual appeal.
Homemade Caramel Sauce

Ideal Time Between Baking and Serving for Best Results:

  1. Allowing the casserole to rest for about 15-20 minutes post-baking will let the caramel sauce thicken slightly, ensuring it doesn’t run off too much when serving. It also allows the layers to set, making serving cleaner and easier.

Pairing the Casserole with Vanilla Ice Cream:

  1. Serve a generous scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream either on the side or atop the warm apple crisp. The contrast between the cold ice cream and warm dessert will elevate the overall experience.

Chef’s Tips & Tricks

How to Store Leftover Apple Crisp Casserole:

  1. Let any leftovers cool to room temperature. Cover the casserole dish tightly with aluminum foil or transfer to an airtight container. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Reheat in the oven or microwave before serving.
Caramel Apple Crisp Casserole

Potential Ingredient Substitutions or Additions:

  1. Substitutions:
    • For a gluten-free option, use gluten-free oats.
    • Brown sugar can replace caramel for a simpler topping.
  2. Additions:
    • Incorporate chopped nuts like pecans or walnuts for added crunch.
    • Mix in some berries like blueberries or raspberries for a tart contrast.

Achieving the Perfect Consistency for the Caramel Sauce:

  1. Make sure to keep an eye on your caramel as it cooks. Cooking it for too long can make it too thick, while undercooking can result in a runny sauce.
  2. A good indicator is when the sauce thickly coats the back of a spoon and has a rich amber color. If the sauce thickens too much upon cooling, you can gently reheat it while stirring continuously to achieve the desired consistency.

With these guidelines, you’re equipped to create a dessert that’s not only delightful in taste but also presented beautifully, making it perfect for any occasion or gathering.

Caramel Apple Crisp Casserole Recipe Guide

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Serves: 8 Prep Time: Cooking Time: Nutrition facts: 340 calories 12g fat


  1. 6 to 8 medium-sized apples (a mix of Granny Smith and Honeycrisp or similar varieties)
  2. 2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats.
  3. 1 cup all-purpose flour.
  4. 3/4 cup brown sugar, packed.
  5. 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted.
  6. 1 tsp vanilla extract.
  7. 1/2 tsp salt.
  8. 1 tsp ground cinnamon.

Components for Homemade Caramel Sauce (with a Shortcut Option): Homemade:

  1. 1 cup granulated sugar.
  2. 6 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature, cut into chunks.
  3. 1/2 cup heavy cream.
  4. 1 tsp vanilla extract.
  5. A pinch of salt.

Shortcut Option:

  1. Purchase a high-quality store-bought caramel sauce. Aim for a brand with minimal additives for the best flavor.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Garnishes:

  1. Premium vanilla ice cream for serving.
  2. Optional garnishes: chopped pecans or walnuts for added crunch, a sprinkle of sea salt to enhance the caramel flavor, or a sprinkle of ground cinnamon for added warmth.


Steps to Prepare and Spice the Apples:

  1. Selecting & Prepping the Apples: Choose a combination of the apple varieties listed for a layered flavor profile. Wash, peel, core, and slice the apples into uniform thin slices (about 1/4 inch thick).
  2. Spicing the Apples: In a large mixing bowl, toss the apple slices with:
    • 2 tsp of ground cinnamon
    • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
    • 1 tbsp lemon juice (to preserve color and add a touch of tanginess)
    • 2 tbsp granulated sugar
  3. Letting them Marinate: Set the apples aside for about 20 minutes to allow the spices to meld and the natural juices to be released.

Making the Perfect Crunchy Oat Crust:

  1. Mixing Dry Ingredients: In a large bowl, combine the rolled oats, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, salt, and ground cinnamon. Mix until well combined.
  2. Adding Wet Ingredients: Pour in the melted butter and vanilla extract. Using a fork or your hands, mix everything together until the mixture becomes crumbly.
  3. Prepping the Casserole Dish: Grease a casserole dish lightly with butter. Press half of the oat mixture firmly into the bottom of the dish to form the base layer. Set aside the other half for the top layer.

Cooking a Silky Caramel Sauce:

  1. Melting the Sugar: In a medium-sized saucepan, heat the granulated sugar over medium heat. Stir continuously with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Sugar will form clumps and then gradually melt into a thick, amber-colored liquid.
  2. Adding the Butter: Once the sugar is fully melted, carefully add the butter chunks. The mixture will bubble rapidly. Continue to stir until all the butter has melted and combined, about 2 minutes.
  3. Pouring in the Cream: Slowly drizzle in the heavy cream while continuing to stir. Allow the mixture to boil for one minute. It will rise in the pan as it boils.
  4. Finishing Touches: Remove from heat, then stir in the vanilla extract and salt. Let the caramel cool down before using. If making in advance, store in a glass jar in the refrigerator and warm slightly when ready to use.

Layering Order for Optimal Taste and Texture:

  1. Apple Layer: Begin with your prepared casserole dish with the oat crust base. Lay down the marinated apple slices in an even layer. Make sure the slices overlap slightly to ensure no gaps.
  2. Caramel Drizzle: Pour half of the caramel sauce evenly over the apples. This will provide moisture and additional sweetness as the casserole bakes.
  3. Crumbly Top Layer: Sprinkle the remaining oat mixture over the caramel-drizzled apples, covering them entirely. This ensures a contrasting crunchy texture against the softness of the baked apples.
  4. Final Touch: For an extra touch of decadence, drizzle a little more caramel sauce on top. However, reserve some sauce for serving.

Baking Time, Temperature, and Indicators of Doneness:

  1. Preheat the Oven: Before assembling, make sure to preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C) to ensure even baking.
  2. Baking Time: Place the casserole dish in the oven and bake for approximately 40-45 minutes. This duration allows the apples to soften and the top to achieve a golden-brown crust.
  3. Indicators of Doneness: You'll know the casserole is ready when:
    • The top layer is golden brown and has a slightly crispy texture.
    • The caramel sauce bubbles around the edges of the dish.
    • The apples are fork-tender, which can be checked by inserting a fork or knife into the center of the casserole.
  4. Cooling Period: Once baked to perfection, remove the casserole from the oven and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. This allows the caramel and juices to settle and thicken slightly, making for a richer experience when served.


If using store-bought caramel sauce, warm it slightly so it can be poured easily over the apples.

Questions & Answers

Q1: Can I use any other fruit instead of apples?
A1: Certainly! Pears make an excellent substitute, providing a similar texture. You can also try a combination of fruits like berries or peaches, but cooking times and sugar quantities may vary slightly.

Q2: I don’t have oats at the moment. What can I use instead for the crust?
A2: You can use graham cracker crumbs or crushed digestive biscuits as a substitute for oats. They’ll provide a different but delightful texture to the dessert.

Q3: Is there a vegan option for this casserole?
A3: Absolutely. Use coconut oil or vegan butter for the crust and a dairy-free caramel sauce recipe. Pair with vegan vanilla ice cream to complete the dish.

Q4: My caramel sauce turned out too hard. What did I do wrong?
A4: Caramel can be tricky. If it’s too hard, it may have been cooked for too long or at a temperature that was too high. Remember to keep a constant eye on it and aim for a rich amber color.

Q5: Can this be made ahead of time and baked later?
A5: Yes, you can prepare the layers in the casserole dish, cover it, and refrigerate. However, bake it fresh for the best results. If using a refrigerated casserole, allow it to come to room temperature before baking.

Desserts have a way of bringing warmth and joy, and the Caramel Apple Crisp Casserole epitomizes these feelings. Whether it’s a festive celebration, a family gathering, or simply a night when you crave something sweet, this dish will surely elevate the occasion.

As the aromas waft through your kitchen, they promise a dessert that’s as comforting as it is delicious. We urge you to dive into this delightful casserole and share the happiness and flavors with those dear to you. Enjoy every bite, and may each spoonful bring you closer to your loved ones.

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