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Cherry Bounce Recipe

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Cherry Bounce recipe

Cherry Bounce is a sweet and vibrant cherry-infused spirit, typically made with whiskey, brandy, or rum. This delightful drink captures the essence of fresh cherries and is perfect for sipping neat or adding a fruity kick to your favorite cocktails. It’s a wonderful way to make the most of cherry season and enjoy this delightful fruit all year round.

The active preparation time for Cherry Bounce is fairly minimal – about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare the cherries and mix the ingredients. However, the key to this recipe is patience. The infusion process, where the cherries and alcohol meld together to create a beautifully flavored spirit, takes a minimum of a month and can go up to several months for an even deeper flavor.

jar of cherry bounce

This recipe yields about 1 liter of Cherry Bounce. The exact number of servings will depend on how you choose to enjoy it. If sipping neat, you’ll get more servings than if using it as a cocktail ingredient.

List all Necessary Kitchen Tools and Appliances

  1. Large glass jar or other non-reactive container with a tight-fitting lid. The jar should be large enough to hold all the ingredients comfortably.
  2. Cherry pitter or small knife to pit the cherries.
  3. Large spoon or spatula to mix the ingredients.
  4. Funnel for easier pouring of the spirit.
  5. Fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth for straining the infusion.
  6. Bottles or jars for storing the finished Cherry Bounce.

Cherry Bounce Recipe Guide

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Serves: 3 Prep Time: Cooking Time: Nutrition facts: 60 calories 0g fat


  1. 1 pound of fresh cherries, preferably sweet cherries. If sweet cherries are not available, sour cherries can also be used, but you may need to adjust the sugar content accordingly.
  2. 1 cup of granulated sugar, adjust to taste.
  3. 1 liter of your chosen spirit - traditionally, bourbon, brandy, or rum are used. The choice of spirit will affect the final flavor of your Cherry Bounce, so choose according to your preference.
  4. Optional: 1 or 2 vanilla beans or a cinnamon stick for additional flavoring.


  1. Begin by rinsing the cherries well under cold water.
  2. Once rinsed, remove the stems and use a cherry pitter or small knife to remove the pits. If you prefer a stronger almond-like flavor in your Cherry Bounce, you can leave a portion of the cherries with their pits. However, be cautious, as cherry pits can add a bitter taste if left for too long.
  3. If you're using vanilla beans or a cinnamon stick for added flavor, simply ensure they are clean before using. If using vanilla, you can slice the beans lengthwise to expose the flavorful seeds inside.
  4. Measure out the sugar and spirit, and have them ready to add to the jar.

Mixing the Ingredients:

  1. Place the pitted cherries in your glass jar. Pour the sugar over the cherries.
  2. If you're using optional flavorings, add them to the jar now.
  3. Pour the spirit over the cherries, sugar, and any optional flavorings. Use a spoon or spatula to stir the mixture, ensuring the sugar begins to dissolve.
  4. Seal the jar tightly.

Infusion Instructions:

  1. Once sealed, give the jar a good shake to help mix the ingredients.
  2. Store the jar in a cool, dark place for at least a month. The longer you leave it, the more intense the flavor will become.
  3. Every few days, give the jar a gentle shake to help mix the ingredients and encourage the sugar to fully dissolve.

Straining and Bottling:

  1. After the infusion period, strain the Cherry Bounce through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth into a clean jar or bottle. This removes the cherries and any solids, leaving you with a clear, bright cherry spirit.
  2. Seal your bottles or jars tightly.

Serving Suggestions

  1. Cherry Bounce can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It’s delicious sipped neat, over ice, or used as a mixer in cocktails.
  2. Try using Cherry Bounce in place of plain spirit in your favorite cocktail for a fruity twist.
  3. Consider gifting bottles of your homemade Cherry Bounce. It makes a unique and personal gift, especially during the holiday season.
beautiful glass bottle

Storage Instructions

  1. Once strained and bottled, Cherry Bounce should be stored in a cool, dark place. It does not need to be refrigerated, but keeping it away from light and heat will help maintain its flavor and quality.
  2. Cherry Bounce can last for several years if stored properly. Over time, the flavor may evolve and become even more complex.
  3. Always use clean, dry glassware when serving to prevent contamination.

Creating your own Cherry Bounce is a delightful project that not only yields a delicious and versatile spirit but also allows you to extend the pleasure of cherry season throughout the year. It requires patience, but the reward is well worth the wait.

We would love to hear about your Cherry Bounce-making journey. Feel free to share your experience, any variations you made, and how you love to enjoy this delightful cherry-infused spirit. Your feedback and creativity inspire us all. Cheers!

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